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Helping women blessed with ADHD rediscover who they are, elevate, & focus.

Turn survival mode off, your higher self on, release victim mindset, embrace victor mentality, and walk in your divine power.

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I offer transformative luxury mentorship for ambitious women with ADHD.
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I'll assist you in setting up effective systems through my mentorship, programs, and divine digital tools (ebooks) to create the life you truly want.

Transform your mindset,
Reshape your reality,
Refine your narrative.

As your higher self mentor, I guide and empower you to reshape your reality and align your thoughts, actions, and habits with your higher self. This enables you to break free from survival mode, overcome obstacles, and confidently walk in your divine power.

Ready To Elevate With Me?

Hey, I'm Coach Ki

Holistic Higher Self Mentor & Mindset Expert

As a Higher Self Mentor and life elevation strategist, my role is to guide you in rediscovering your true self, understanding your divine power, and unlocking the potential within you.

Your higher self is not an external entity; it's already within, obscured by self-doubt, impostor syndrome, and survival tactics that keep you stuck and settling for less.

In my mentoring, I assist in bringing out your higher self, helping you unlearn habits and mental blocks that hinder your best self.


Through my proven framework and techniques, clients can connect with their highest selves, taking transformative steps to shift from stress and frustration to freedom and elevation.


What I Specialize In

Home Life Harmony & Routine Implementation

Consistency & Mindset Elevation 

Self Care Trinity 

(Mind, Body, Spirit)

High Level Luxury Mentorship

Lifestyle Elevation Strategies


The Journey Towards The Higher Self Begins on the Path of Self Love.

Begin Your Journey Today.

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From Stuck to Divinely Aligned


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