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I teach established fempreneurs 
how to elevate their mindset,
body, and lifestyle.

Learn how to switch survival mode off, your higher self on, and walk in your divine power.

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My mentorship, programs, and divine digital tools (ebooks) will help you get systems in place that favor the life you so desire.

Reprogram your mind,
Redesign your reality,
Realign your story

As your higher self mentor I empower and teach you how to redesign your reality and realign your thoughts, actions & habits with your higher self so you can release survival mode, everything that's holding you back, and walk in your divine power.

Ready To Elevate With Me?

Hey, I'm Coach Ki

Holistic Higher Self Mentor & Mindset Expert

As a Higher Self Mentor & Consistency Coach, I help you re-discover who you are, Who's you are, and the divine power you have locked within.


Your higher self is not something that is outside yourself. It's already within you locked behind self doubt, impostor syndrome, and the survival tactics that have left you stuck, frustrated, and settling for less.

As your mentor, I get to help bring your higher self out and guide you in unlearning the habits and mental blocks that take you out of your best self.


With my proven framework and techniques, my clients are able to tap into their highest selves and take the steps needed to change their lives. Shifting them from stressed and frustrated to free and elevated!


What I Specialize In

Home Life Harmony & Routine Implementation

Consistency & Mindset Elevation 

Self Care Trinity 

(Mind, Body, Spirit)

High Level Luxury Mentorship

Lifestyle Elevation Strategies


The Journey Towards The Higher Self Begins on the Path of Self Love.

Begin Your Journey Today.

See what my clients are saying!

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From Stuck to Divinely Aligned

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