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Coach Ki

Holistic Higher Self Mentor

& Consistency Expert

I'm your go-to confidant and passionate pro at mindset, self love practices, consistency and connecting with your higher self. My passion & purpose is to help people and my intentions are always pure. So if you're not used to flat out genuine people then... you'd better start getting used to it if you're gonna vibe with me boo.

In the cyber world, you'll find me sharing all things self discovery & physical, mental, and spiritual health; what I call the Self Care Trinity. Through my intimate journey with God, He showed me how these pillars are essential to living a fulfilled, blessed, and abundant life that is also pleasing to Him.

My intention is help you discover and tap into the best version of yourself. As a coach, I get to guide and educate you on how to prioritize and align your self care trinity and elevate your way of thinking, so you can boldly step into your purpose and higher self. 


The Divine Alignment Circle

Stay tuned, I'm launching a community for women and moms who want to elevate their life, mind, and body.


The circle will give us the space to stay connected and empowered while we build our empires!

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