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2 Simple Practices That STOP Comparison & Rushing The Divine Timing Of Your Life

Hey B.A.B.E.s !

That's an acronym by the way, it stands for Blessed, Abundant, Balanced, & Enlightened.

If you're still learning how to speak love and light over yourself, don't worry - I've got you!

So let's get into it. (Skip to bullet point 1. to jump right to the 2 Practices)

Show of hands, who struggles with rushing themselves to progress and be "successful" in life?

Now who struggles with that very thing ESPECIALLY when they see someone else doing pretty darn good in life?

It's happened to all of us, so have no shame.

You'll see that one friend, someone you maybe went to high school with, and they're killin the game.

They're thriving in their career or business, they drive a 2021 Audi, brand new house with the two door garage, and oh look, they just got engaged!

In a single moment, after seeing Killa Kim in her winning season, you allow yourself to forget about all of the hard work you've put in the past 3-4 years. All of it never happened because in those 3-4 years you're not where "they" are.

Babe... you already know what I'm about to say.


We need to stop thinking that someone else's success means that we're failing in life. #CoachKiQuotes

Cause what? You are not THEM. You both are two different human beings, with different experiences, talents, calling, journey, and personalities. So it really makes no sense.

You also have no idea what they've lost and went through in order to be where they are today.

Comparison and constantly trying to rush the journey (anxious haste) is something I've struggled with, immensely. I'm already a naturally anxious person #Enneagram7Vibes but this anxious haste would have me in a bit of a panic. I found myself allowing myself to become overwhelmed and overly stressed over something I had zero control over.

In the past 2 years, God really dealt with me about this one. And in the past couple of months, comparison has had NO SPACE in my mind, heart, or spirit just from these 2 simple practices you can start implementing IMMEDIATELY.

You Ready?

1. Be F****** Happy For Them.

For context, "them" is anyone you've envied or was a tad jelly of, when you say them in their winning season.

BE HAPPY FOR THEM, BOO. It's free.99 and believe it or not, it feels GOOD. I'm speaking from experience.

I used to feel so sh*tty whenever I'd see one of my friends getting engaged on social media. All I would think about is what I didn't have *yet* instead of being happy for them and excited for what was to come for me. Wanna hear something funny? I was talking to my bestie one day and I told her I wasn't going to stress about when Shawn (My Suga) was going to propose to me. I knew he loved me and I knew it would happen at the right time.

Tell me why that man proposed to THAT DAY.

Talk about

Let go and let God. #RingTheWeddingBurrells

OKAY PAUSE - I literally just got a call from one of my military buddies, he just bought a ring to propose to his girlfriend of 5 years! Sorry this was too coincidental to not share!

~Back on track...

The next time you see someone winning, where comparison would set in I want you to instantly congratulate them. Take it a step further and reach out and tell them. If you saw a post on Instagram or Facebook, like the post and drop a comment. You'll find that genuine happiness feels so much lighter and better than comparison.

2. Don't believe the lie, you actually DO have time!

I can already feel the hustle guru's losing it from this one. Yes, we are all given a limited amount of time, HOWEVER, against popular opinion, we have quiet a bit of time. Most of you reading this blog are in your 20's to mid 30's. Even if you're in your 40's or 50's, YOU HAVE SO MUCH TIME to make a shift or start over.

When we believe that we don't have enough time, we begin to operate out of fear and scarcity. So much so, that we might start turning down opportunities and even the idea of trying something new. Ever heard of self-sabotage? That's what the limiting belief of "not having enough time" will do to you.

I want you to write something down, and put it somewhere that you'll see everyday.

"I have more than enough time. I trust the divine timing of my life. What is for me will always find me and what isn't, I won't waste my time worrying about. I have time."

Every time you find yourself worrying, read that aloud. I say aloud, because there's just something about the vibrations of you words being released into the world. Don't ever under estimate the power of the words you speak, boo.

I pray this blog post was helpful and insightful for you! Please let me know what you enjoyed about it and even something you didn't. I'm all for healthy conversation on opposing views over here!

If you aren't already, connect with me on Instagram! I share more content on Mindset, Self Care, and Divine Alignment there. :)



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