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4 OVERLOOKED & SIMPLE Ways To Feel Less Unorganized & Overwhelmed As A Mompreneur - 5 Part Series!

Hey my loves, Coach Ki here! For those of you who may be new, welcome! I'll give a quick 3 liner intro.

My name is Kiera (my tribe calls me Ki), I'm a 26 year old mindset and alignment coach! In 6 years I went from broke, depressed, single mom, college drop out with zero confidence in who I was TO happily engaged to the LOML, boy mom to my two amazing little (Isaac & Israel), author, and successful business owner x2 whose been made WHOLE by God!

My purpose is to help overwhelmed mom bosses heal and align their mind, body, and spirit so they can show up as their happiest, highest self as the woman God called her to be!

So show of hands, how many of you mom bosses are tired of feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and burnt out when it comes to showing up as mama, ceo, wife, keeper of the castle, and all things in between?

Do you feel like all of your time is going to cooking healthy(ish) meals,

dropping the kids off to practice,

laundry (and maybe folding it),

practicing patience with you

kids (whew chile),

making time for date night,

and keeping up with everyone elses appointments -

OH and not to mention... growing your soon to be 7-figure business.

If this is you, then I SEE why you're feeling burnt out, boo. I didn't see anything related to JUST YOU in the mix.

You've let everyone and everything take up space in your life but you've forgotten that you take up space too. -Sarah Jakes Roberts

You MUST allow yourself time and space before anything and anyone else if you want to show up as the divinely aligned CEO mama you were called to be.

I know for sure, that you've heard this before. I mean, self care is pretty big these days.

"Put yourself first..." "Take care of you..." "Self care blah blah..."

I get it, love. It's a lot easier said than done if you've been in this constant cycle of:


Tries doing something nice for yourself

Mom guilt sets in

Just tries to push through and be "positive"

Over and over and over like a broken record.

Well what if it was as easy as it sounds? Let me rephrase that, what if you could approach self care, work life harmony, and mompreneur life with ease, just as you are?

What if all it took was a mindset shift, two simple routines, and consistency, one day at a time?