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How To Simplify Healthy Eating – PART ONE

Eating healthy can seem like a huge challenge if you lack the knowledge, methods, and routines needed to be successful at it. I know for a lot of you it can get overwhelming. There are so many diets out there so which one is the RIGHT one. Well, the good thing is that there isn’t one. Nutrition isn’t cookie cutter. It’s about finding what works best for you in the season that you’re in.

start small

There are so many things that come to mind when I think nutrition, but for the sake of not overwhelming you I’ll share one for right now.

Let’s start with a strong foundation and create a list of foods in all categories that you like. We’ll call it your…

Go through all of the food groups and list all of your faves.





Dairy (unless you’re vegan, like me!)

I’ll add in two things some of you tend to forget, which is why healthy food may seem “boring” to you…



Once you’ve made your list you’ve made the ultimate list to pick and pull from when it’s time to restock food in your home. Another list you can make that will simplify grocery shopping even more is a meal list. Guess what we’re gonna call this one…

You guessed it! List out all of your favorite meals. You can even have a section for the tiny human and your picky husband too! How I finesse my grocery list is I’ll pick 4 meals from my “Ultimate Meal List” and build my grocery list off of the ingredients needed for those meals. Of course I’ll get my household staples like oatmeal, eggs (for my meat eaters), plant yogurt, frozen veggies, and such. Doing my grocery list this way saves me so much time and money when it comes to shopping and figuring out the answer to the question ever woman can’t stand (or maybe it’s just me) “wHaT’s fOr dInNeR?”…

grocery day

The last tip I’ll give you (didn’t I say only one? ha) when it’s time to go grocery shopping, to ensure you don’t lose it in the chip aisle do these 3 things before you go and you’ll be golden.

  1. Make your grocery list. Physical or digital.

  2. Drink a bottle of water


By doing these three things you’ll be focused because you have a game plan(grocery list), and your hunger won’t tempt you to buy all of those snacks you know you don’t need.

you’re set boo!

If my tips helped you and you’re ready to implement the things you learned today I want to hear about it! Let me know on Instagram how you liked this weeks blog post and tag me so I can connect with you (@kiera.janelle)!

“this was great, but i think i need more support.”

Maybe this helped you understand what needs to happen for you to really go all in with Mindset 90 but you still need support on actually getting it done. That’s what I’m here for love! If you’re needing the next level of support then you’re going to want to hop on my next group coaching program (There are five 1:1 spots available) CHOOSE YOU EVERYDAY starting November 8th!


A 12-week group coaching experience that transforms women by restoring their physical, mental, and spiritual health through mindset and time management tactics, and self love practices, so you can start feeling like yourself again.


Tell me if this is you:

You desperately want to improve your mental, physical, and spiritual health but have no idea where to start.

The words: “I can’t..”, “It’s not the right time”, “Maybe next week/month/year”, and “I’m not good enough” come out of your mouth or cross your mind entirely too much whenever you attempt to try something new.

You need some consistent accountability to help you build up your momentum so you can start seeing those results.

You’re over the stress of dieting and counting calories.

You hate working out by yourself. You want to get to a place where you’re comfortable but right now, you’re not there yet.


This program is best suited for:

The mama who has been busting her butt taking care of her house, her kids, her relationship, everyone and everything except her. She’s tired of not feeling like herself...

The woman who has tried diet after diet but still doesn’t know what “healthy” is.

Hot mess mommas who are tired of being a hot mess and want to get intentional about their time and their health so they can show up for themselves and their family.

The woman who wants to learn how to love herself so that she can truly be happy and get out of her cycle of sadness, lack of self worth, and low self esteem.

Busy moms who want to be more than busy. Busy moms who want to be productive, intentional, and healthy so they can be a better example for their family.

Coach Ki’s Step By Step System

After choose you everyday you will:

Have a stronger more empowered mindset that will help you continually overcome the obstacles life throws at you.

Have a healthy relationship with food and will understand how to prioritize foods that serve you over food that hurts you.

Understand how to workout more effectively, and feel confident whether you’re working out by yourself or in a group.

Consistently prioritize your self care and me time so you can show up for you, your family, and you life every single day.

Feel confident, sure of yourself, and beautiful in your own skin.

“yes, i need all of this!”

If this everything (and some) that you need to start feeling like you again and you’re ready to invest in a solution, schedule a free 20 minute Discovery Call with me! I would love to get to know you more on a deeper level – I know Choose You Everyday will help you get the results you desire, keep them, and give you the tools to help you live a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

DAY 1 was amazing, if this helped you PLEASE let me know my dear! Share this posting on social and let me know what your biggest takeaway was. Be sure to tag me too so I can see!

I pray for peace, ease, and joy over the rest of your week. God bless you babes!

-Coach Ki

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