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When tiredness hits you…

Hey Friends, I hope this post finds you in a better mood than I’m in at the moment. You can probably guess that the fatigue bug has bit me, and I can assure you that your guess is correct. It happens randomly, but when it does I always think “How do I get rid of this?”.

1. What is the first thing you do when you experience pregnancy fatigue?

I like to start with process of elimination of what the underlining cause is. Did I get enough rest the night before? If the answer is no, try taking a little nap. You’re probably tired, and that’s okay sometimes. Especially when you haven’t been getting enough rest. If the answer is yes to this question then lets keep digging.

2. Did you take your prenatal vitamin(s)?

For some, taking prenatal is no issue at all. My first pregnancy I took them faithfully. However, for some, it is the BIGGEST pain to keep up with for various reasons. That happens to be me for this pregnancy. I’ve tried the pills, but they’re so huge and icky so they would turn my stomach. I also tried gummy vitamins. I liked them at first, but now they’re just gross… So I have one of two options. Try other brands until I find what works for me, OR suck it up and take the vitamin. I think I’m going to go with option two. What helps me is drinking some warm tea right after taking them, or eating so I can get rid of the taste. My doctor made it aware to me that the prenatal helps me with my energy levels since my body is making a whole human. I also take B6 vitamins and B12 vitamin shots to help with energy/metabolism (consult with your doctor before taking any new vitamins/medications). Now, if you did take your prenatal vitamin, lets move on to the next thing.

3. Have you been eating enough whole foods?

I’m not talking about the store friend, I’m talking about REAL food. Lean proteins/Plant based protein, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, they are all considered whole foods. No processed, fried, or greasy junk, but healthy options. I’m not telling you to make sure you’re eating healthy because I’m a health nut (or am I?).. I’m telling you because its proven to give you more energy than eating junk would. Your body is getting all of those macro (protein, carbs, and fats) & micro nutrients you need (vitamins and minerals). I want to also encourage you to start saying NO to those cravings a little more often. The very few times I would say yes to my bad cravings, I ended up feeling worse than I did before I indulged. We might think “Ohh, I’ve gotta have it!” But that’s simply not the case… It’s just your mind getting the best of you. Say no, have an apple, a protein shake, or a smoothie bowl!

4. How’s that water intake?

This is a big one guys… almost everyone I run into admits that they don’t drink enough water. We’re made up of mostly water, AND we’ve got an extra amount of fluid protecting our little growing baby. So we MUST stay hydrated. Now, I hear you. “Kiera, I just can’t drink that much water..” Or one of my favorites, “I hate the taste.” …WHAT TASTE?! Ha! no I feel you though guys. If you haven’t gotten over the mental part of drinking water then I understand that drinking water may be a difficult task. Here’s a few things you can do.

-Buy a gallon, and motivate yourself to drink just ONE a day. For some, the idea of drinking 8 normal size bottles of water seems more than 1 large gallon. If this is you, then give this a go.

-Add lemon juice, or infuse fruit into your water. I like adding pineapple, lemon, lime, and/or oranges! Mix it up and have fun with it. The added flavor may help get rid of that water “taste” some of you hate so much.

-Before Arbonne, I would add amino acids to my gallon of water. Just enough to give it a little flavor. Now, I will take a single fizz stick and pour it into my gallon. I like the watered down flavor so it doesn’t bother me too much. Again, if you’re the type to need a little flavor, this will do it for ya! You’re also getting all of the minerals and vitamins that are packed inside those powerful fizz sticks! Check out my Arbonne site to get yourself a box!

5. How active have you been?

I know this sounds silly. “Kiera, I’m tired.. why on earth would how active I am help?” Well… lying around tends to make you more tired with pregnancy as well as brings more attention to morning sickness. This may sound tough, but get out of bed. Get off the couch or where ever you are and do something. I’m sure there’s some cleaning to be done around the house, or maybe you can hit the gym. What’s something you love to do? Is it painting, reading, going for a walk, cooking, crafting, or maybe walking around Hobby Lobby for hours? What ever it is, do it! Fight the fatigue by doing the things you love.

I know that was a lot, but I really hope it helped you with fighting fatigue and having a better pregnancy. Please don’t forget to listen to you body but also keep it mind that you’ve gotta train your body too. When you’ve had rest and you’ve completed all of these steps, then its time to fight the fatigue and get moving. This won’t last forever, just while your body is creating a whole human. Your body’s hormones will regulate about 6-8 weeks after delivery. Then you’ll have to find the balance with your new human who has no care in the world for your schedule. We’ll save that for another post!

If this helped you in any way please do me a favor an like this post! Also, share it so another mom can get ahold of it.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Talk to you soon!


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