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Are you tired of feeling exhausted, struggling with your relationship with food, and lacking confidence in your body?


Are you ready to prioritize your health and wellness, and fall in love with your body? 



As a higher self mentor, life elevation strategist, and holistic personal trainer, I am committed to helping women and moms become the best version of themselves through personalized training and coaching.


My 1:1 personal training services are designed to help you:


  • Take better care of your body through customized fitness plans
  • Fall in love with your body and improve your self-confidence
  • Become and stay consistent with exercise and proper nutrition
  • Restore your relationship with food and cultivate a healthy mindset
  • Look sexy and feel confident in your body
  • Boost your energy levels and improve your overall well-being
  • Achieve clearer skin and improve mood balance



With my support and guidance, you'll have access to personalized workouts, nutrition coaching, and mental and emotional support to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Whether you're a busy mom or a woman looking to prioritize your health, I am here to help you on your journey to feeling your best.



Ready to prioritize your health and wellness?


I'm going to help you do just that, lets get started.

1:1 Personal Training

Price Options
One-time purchase
Training Membership
Subscribe & Save
$177.00every month until canceled
    • Customized fitness plans tailored to your individual needs and goals


    • True Coach App access with high level accountability, chat access to Coach Ki, and push notifications + email reminders


    • Personalized nutrition coaching to help you make healthier choices and improve your relationship with food


    • Regular check-ins and progress tracking to help you stay on track and motivated


    • Mental and emotional support to help you overcome any barriers or challenges you may face


    • Access to a variety of workout options, including bodyweight exercises, resistance training, and cardio workouts


    • Guidance on proper form and technique to prevent injury and optimize results


    • Recommendations on fitness equipment to use at home, if necessary


    • Flexibility in scheduling virtual training sessions to accommodate your busy schedule


    • Support and accountability to help you stay consistent with your fitness and nutrition goals


    • Ongoing adjustments to your program as you progress and your needs change.
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