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Reflect & Manifest is a journal that promotes deep self reflection, intentional living, and abundance. By scribing in this journal daily you’ll become more aligned with your higher self, have a better awareness of who you truly are, and you’ll begin to attract what you really desire in life. Less than 15 minutes a day of reflective journaling will change your life!


This journal will help you:


  • Become more aware and in tune with your circadian rhythm or “Body Clock” by tracking your sleep/wake time so you can stay on top of how much rest you’re getting. 


  • Bring your intentions to reality by writing them down daily. This makes your brain think on the things you want more often, enabling you to focus on bringing them to fruition.


  • Remain focused and self accountable with staying active and prioritizing self care.


  • Romanticize your everyday life by practicing daily gratitude.


  • Become more in touch with your truest and highest self by checking in yourself daily.


  • Always push for self reflection, inner growth, and self awareness.


  • And countless other invaluable mental, spiritual, and emotional benefits!


Journal Includes:

  • Month Planning Page
  • Weekly Planning Pages
  • 1 Month Worth Of Reflection Pages
  • Grand Rising & Evening Reflection Pages
  • Weekly Reflection Pages
  • Monthly Reflection Pages
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • (Optional) Signed by Author and personalized prayer written inside of journal

Reflect & Manifest: A Daily Reflection Journal

  • We have a 10 day return policy. There must be no wear or tear caused by the purchaser, and the journal must be written in/on or return may be denied.


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