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Elevate consistency and discipline on your path to radiant well-being. Welcome to the Nourished Baddie Hub-a new you awaits.

Upcoming Dates:

Nov 19 - Dec 19

2024 Dates Drop Nov 1


Coach Ki Hall Of CHANGE


Elevate Your Ongoing
Wellness Journey

Experience Nourished Baddies Hub (NBH) formerly known as Abs & Booty (A&B), your monthly wellness membership, designed to empower you with radiant strength, unwavering confidence, and unshakeable allure. Cultivate discipline, prioritize self-improvement, and sculpt your body through purposeful weight training. Join our sisterhood of like-minded women, month after month, on an engaging journey of holistic wellness. Elevate your life with NBH. Welcome to your monthly transformation.


Nourished Baddies Hub (NBH): Where wellness, strength, and confidence unite in an ongoing journey of transformation.

Purposeful Weight Training: Mindful training that nurtures both body and soul.

Radiant Strength: Unshakable power born from inner and outer well-being.

Unwavering Confidence: Self-assuredness cultivated through self-improvement and self-care.

Unshakeable Allure: Magnetic charm resulting from a complete, balanced, and confident self.

Sisterhood: A tight-knit community of women supporting holistic wellness.

Engaging Journey: An immersive voyage of self-discovery and transformation.


Elevate Your Life: Monthly commitment to personal growth, self-care, and wellness.







What's Included?

  • NBH Program Success Course

  • 2 Progressive Weight Training Fitness Plans

  • High Protein Meals (recipes)

  • High Protein Vegan Meals (recipes)

  • Supplements List + discount codes

  • Macronutrients Class + Calculations

  • 3 Flexible Surplus Meal Guides

  • Weekly Progress + Support Group Session

  • Discord Chat For Support & Community

  • 1:1 Mindset + Consistency Coaching With Ki*

  • Giveaways & more!

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  • I'm vegan... does the meal guide accommodate this?
    Yes! Fun fact: I'm vegan too! So of course I'll help my plant eaters with their plant based booty goals too. This program is flexible with all eating styles. At the end of the day, macros are macros and weights are weights. Everybody can get these gains!
  • Will I actually gain weight?
    If you follow your calculated macros for surplus (eating a high + calculated volume of calories and macros) and the A&B fitness plan, yes! Consistency (not perfection) is key and the two main factors that play a major role in your growth is how much you eat(macro focused) and how heavy you lift. But you can do it! That's what the A&B Community is for!
  • Is this program refundable?
    No, unless under extenuating circumstances mentioned in the program policies and conditions. You can purchase A&B and use it for a later challenge date. Price is subject to change however if you purchased the challenge you won't have to pay the difference if there is a price change (neither will you be refunded if the price is on sale).
  • Is this program beginner friendly?
    Yes! The purpose is to not base the volume of training off of one standard. Instead this program meets you where you are and calls you to a higher fitness level. You will be stronger and further along on your fitness journey by tapping into this community.
  • How many fitness plans come with this program?
    Two progressive fitness plans. This means the plan grows you and grows with you. The intensity and volume will increase which will enhance your overall growth and gains.
  • Will I lose weight on this program?
    This program is focused on muscle growth. So the intent is to grow muscle mass (healthy weight) while strengthening and toning the core. For leaner, refined, and shredded abs stay tuned for my summer physical self care challenge! Spoiler Alert Look out for Lean With Ki in June 2022, a 2 month fitness plan focused on getting lean while keeping your curves.
  • Are the meals flexible? I'm a picky eater.
    Yes! The nutrition focus for A&B is to hit your macros each day with 80/20 eating standards (80 healthy 20 unhealthy). The recipes and meals serve as a tool to make meal prep and cooking simple and easy for you. The meal guide has a section that lists food items, serving size, and the macro for that serving size You'll still be able to calculate your macros using the meal guide. The macros class will also go in depth about macros and how to become a pro at calculating whether you're cooking or eating out!
  • What's the investment?
    The investment is only $87 and $47 during the earlybird sale. Note, this is a virtual challenge. You are not purchasing in person services by purchasing this challenge. If you would like more 1:1 support, please opt into VIP by booking an Elevation Session.
  • Can I do this program with a bestie?
    Yes! The more the better! Make sure your bestie signs up separately and all will be good to go. Sign ups are for one individual only. Any intellectual property/content shared without verbal and written consent is illegal and will result in legal action, ban, block from all Divine Alignment programs without refund. Thank you for respecting the hard work of one passionate small business owner!
  • I'm new to the gym world, training, and macros... can I still do this?
    Yes! I will educate you on weight training, navigating the gym, and everything you need to know about macros to prepare you for massive success in A&B!
  • Are the workouts at home or in the gym?
    Yes & no. It depends on which fitness plan you opt into. Vol I. Is focused on at home exercises, low impact, extremely beginner friendly. Vol II. is focused on free weights (dumbbells, kettle bells), gym equipment, heavy lifting for MORE results, also beginner friendly but meant to push you so you achieve the shelf you desire. No worries love, this may seem like a challenge but I'm going to help you create the time, flow, and discipline to show up in the gym or at home at least 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes. The gym/exercise will soon be one of your favorite, therapeutic spaces after A&B Vol II.



Best Value

Nourished Baddies Fitness Membership



Every month

Elevate Your Consistency, Confidence, & Physique

Valid until canceled

Best Value

Nourished Baddies Fitness VIP Membership



Every month

Elevate Your Consistency, Confidence, & Physique

Valid until canceled

No plans available

Once there are plans available for purchase, you'll see them here.

No plans available

Once there are plans available for purchase, you'll see them here.

** All 1:1 sessions are separate investments.

VIP Includes:

Two 30 minute mentor sessions with Ki

Chat access to Ki on True Coach App

Free admission to any trainings







Claude M. , VA

"She motivated me and worked out a diet that was good and affordable for me. I did a regular workout plan and transferred to a pregnancy workout plan with absolute ease and professionalism.
 Definitely saw results, and I'm a person who's pretty lazy but seeing her posts and programs made me want to work."

Johanna A. , VA

"Not only do her workouts and meal plans get results (I saw a difference after 1 week of her Abs & Booty Challenge); but she also focuses on helping you change your habits and your mindset. She truly cares about the women she coaches and I am forever grateful for the changes she helped me implement in my life!"

De'dria B. , VA

“I came and explained to Kiera everything that I needed with a matching deadline and she produced the workout plan + meal guide. The accountability is the best part of it all. She stays connected and very flexible with setting up meetings. If you're trying to get your life right, she's your girl. Plus, shes vegan!”



My Results

My LIVE Results

I'm on the journey too my love! I'll be updating my results every other month. Don't just watch me get the gains, join me!

Program Name Template - DA (3).png
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