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Do You Ever Wonder... a life can transform in the blink of an eye?


How someone can shift from just getting by to manifesting abundance, prosperity,

and purpose?


This is the story of ElevateHer Circle, where higher self elevation meets divine alignment, and where ambitious women like you embark on a life-changing journey to uncover their true selves, heal, and rise to new heights.

My Journey from Statistic to Abundance

I know what it's like to feel stuck, to be counted among the statistics, and to struggle to make ends meet.


I was a single mom, living in low-income housing, with an annual income of a mere $18,000. The path I was on wasn't the one I was meant for.


But then came a pivotal moment.

I was wrongfully fired from my job, a moment that could have spiraled me into despair. Instead, I decided: "This will not be my life anymore".


It was time to break free from the cycle of dead-end jobs, limited beliefs, and just barely surviving.


Embracing Divine Alignment

I was meant for abundance. My son and I were destined for a life filled with choices, peace, prosperity, and elevation.


So, I made a commitment to my growth every single day. I decided to align myself with the best version of me, my higher self. And that's when the transformation began.


I discovered the self-care trinity – the foundation for divine alignment and higher self connection: physical, mental, and spiritual alignment.


When these three pillars were in harmony, I operated as my best self. No more limiting beliefs, no more money blocks, and no more analysis paralysis.

The Results of Divine Alignment

This journey led me to a mindset shift that changed everything.


My circumstances shifted, my finances transformed, and my life blossomed into one of abundance and prosperity.


Now, it's my turn to share what I've learned and help other ambitious women like you. Those who know, deep down, that they're destined for more.

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Life?

Join the ElevateHer Circle and Expect:


  • 🌟 Unwavering Confidence and Self-Belief

  • 🌟 Enhanced Self-Trust

  • 🌟 Elevated Habits for Tangible Goal Achievement

  • 🌟 Increased Abundance and Cash Flow

  • 🌟 Better Mental Health and Overall Wellbeing


ElevateHer Circle isn't just a membership program; it's a life-changing journey to prosperity, alignment, and empowerment.

Join Our Circle, and You Will:

  • ✨ Learn how to manifest abundance effortlessly

  • ✨ Discover your true self and heal from within

  • ✨ Break free from the shackles of limiting beliefs

  • ✨ Experience financial abundance and freedom

  • ✨ Unlock a life of peace, purpose, and prosperity


Are you ready to build momentum in your life? To make the leap from just surviving to thriving?


Join ElevateHer Circle now and watch your life transform.

Become the Best Version of Yourself and Manifest Your True Desires. Elevate Your Life with Us.

Is This You?

Imagine for a moment that you're living a life that doesn't quite align with your true purpose. You find yourself at a crossroads, yearning for more but feeling trapped in your current circumstances.

Deep within, you carry a profound belief that you're destined for abundance, choice, and prosperity. It's that inner call to grow, to 

become the best version of yourself.


You're looking to align the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of yourself so that you can operate as your best self.

You want to break free from the grip of limiting beliefs, money blocks, and analysis paralysis that have held you back for far too long.


You're ready to take confident, massive, aligned actions and watch as your mindset, finances, circumstances, and life undergo a profound transformation.

If you find yourself at a turning point, if you're yearning for more, ready to step into the life you're meant for, ElevateHer Circle is the place where your journey to abundance, healing, and success begins.

ElevateHer Circle:

Nurturing Abundance, Inner Healing, & Success

ElevateHer Circle is the place where your desire for abundance, inner healing, and success aligns perfectly with a program designed to elevate your life.

This is your journey to unwavering confidence, self-trust, elevated habits for tangible goal achievement, increased abundance, and enhanced well-being.


Embrace your Higher Self to unlock your true potential and stride confidently toward your aspirations.


Join us in this transformative path to prosperity and inner healing.

Your destiny awaits.

ElevateHer Circle Details

Base Membership:

  • Monthly Growth Workshops/Videos: Access exclusive monthly workshops and videos designed to enhance your personal development journey.

  • Ebook Guides for Growth and Elevation: Gain in-depth insights with comprehensive ebooks covering various topics like time management, inner healing, self-discovery, and more.


  • Life Elevation Roadmap: Navigate your transformation journey with a structured roadmap designed to empower you through self-discovery, habit development, and consistency.


  • Monthly Affirmations & Journal Prompts: Receive monthly affirmations and journal prompts to keep you inspired and engaged on your path to self-improvement.


  • Member-Only Content: Enjoy exclusive access to content, resources, and materials curated to elevate your mindset, habits, and lifestyle.


  • Community Support: Connect with like-minded Harmony Seekers in a private community where you can share insights, experiences, and support one another.


  • Discount on Products: Benefit from exclusive discounts on selected products to enhance your personal growth journey.

Elite Membership

(Includes all Base Membership Benefits):

  • Group Mentorship Sessions & Q&A: Participate in exclusive mentorship sessions and Q&A facilitated by our experts to address your unique needs and challenges.


  • VIP Member of the Month Incentives: Compete for our VIP Member of the Month incentives, providing exciting rewards and recognition for your dedication.


  • Advanced Elevation Workshops: Receive advanced content in our monthly growth workshops, designed to push your transformation journey to the next level.


  • Priority Customer Support: Enjoy priority customer support to ensure all your questions and issues are addressed promptly.


  • Tailored Growth Resources: Access tailored growth resources and materials, customized to match your elite member status.


  • Early Access: Get exclusive early access to new content, workshops, and resources before they're released to other members.


  • Mastermind Group: Join a dedicated mastermind group of Elevation Pioneers for deeper discussions, networking, and support.


  • Additional Discounts: Enjoy even more significant discounts on a wider range of products to accelerate your personal development.


  • Personalized Goal Setting: Receive guidance on personalized goal setting to align your journey with your unique aspirations and desires.

Our transformative journey begins on November 5th, 2023. Secure your spot now at the founding member rate to experience a profound shift in your life.

Membership Investment

Founding Member Rate:

  • Base: $67.77

  • Elite: $277.77

(Pricing available now thru December 31, 2023)


  • Base: $97.77

  • Elite: $397.77

(Pricing begins January 1, 2024)

Join the ElevateHer Circle now and be ready to manifest your true desires, embrace inner healing, and nurture your path to lasting success.

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