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Hey friend!

So it’s no secret that Arbonne, like many other marketing businesses, is an MLM. In my opinion I think finding the one that’s for you is a pretty smart move when trying to increase your income. However.. there’s a lot that that comes with them so check out these tips on how to finesse your MLM…


If you’re in it for just the money you probably won’t stick around long.. you really have to have a passion for the brand, their mission, their products, and the whole shabang. You also need to identify your WHY. Why did you hop on this MLM chain in the first place? To increase your income? Put your kids through college? Build up your savings? Live a better life?

👆🏽My WHY ❤️

Whatever the heck it is, identify that thing. Otherwise, when you start to feel burnt out you won’t have anything to hold on to.

2. Do your homework

You’ve gotta know what you’re talking about when representing a brand. Will you learn it all in a week? Depending on the brand, probably not. But take the necessary steps and time to become more informed and educated in your brand. I suggest doing this so that when you’re trying to share info with a prospecting client, you don’t sound like an uniformed sales person who just wants the next dollar. Put some value in what you’re presenting.. you can only do that if you know what you’re talking about.

I also recommend asking your upline for RESOURCES to get information rather than asking from someone in the biz. Often times they can dish out the wrong info by mistake so just get it all from the source.


Omg I can’t stress this enough.. take an interest in your prospecting clients or potential teammates. They’re already gonna get the salesman/saleswoman vibe off rip.. throw them off by actually caring ha. I know some people think I’m crazy when I ask them how they’re doing, how’s their family, what’s going on in their life, etc. In their head I’m sure they’re like “Just go ahead and sell me something.” No silly I actually care to know what’s going on with you😅.

Why? Well this helps me with building rapport and identifying how or if my brand would be of any solution for them. Just by having a simple conversation with someone you can walk your way into a new relationship, Sale, and solution for someone!


Me: Hey Jess, what’s been up?? How’s the kiddos?
Jess: hey, they’ve been good but my youngest has been having the hardest time getting to sleep.. do have any suggestions?
Me: Awe girl I had the same problem with my son. What I did was create a night time routine for him! And right before I tuck him in I give him a spritz or my Arbonne Sleep Well Spray. He’s out like a light in a couple of minutes.
Jess: What? A spray? What’s in it? And it works? Where can I get some?

BOOM! Created a solution for Jess, grew our relationship and well look at that.. there’s a sale. And even if she didn’t buy immediately, I’ve planted a seed. Which brings me to..


When you’re in an MLM, you’ll find yourself marketing a lot. Like.. A LOT. Sometimes it will seem like no one is seeing your posts, no one likes them, no emails, no calls, no texts, nothing. No friend, they all SEE YOU. They see your posts, your grind, your passion, and your work. These are subliminal seeds you’re planting. I can’t tell you how many people who would reach out to me about my brand that had never liked a post. So don’t base your success off of likes and shares. Remain active, hopeful and KNOW that they see you. Plant them seeds boo.

5. The “love wears off

I think this is one of the most un-talked about yet most crucial part to it all. The whole welcome comity you get when you sign up to be a representative (or in my case an “independent consultant”) for an MLM will soon dwindle down if you’re not “growing” at the rate they think you should. What do I mean by that? Basically all of the support you got in the beginning fades if you have a slow start. Shoot even your sponsor may fall out. To some who hop on MLMs, they only care about you if you’re their “favorite” or if you’re making them loads of money.

The higher level you are and the more people you have under you ultimately benefits them so I guess if you’re not producing much then you get brushed under the rug.

Is this how every person is in an MLM, NO.

But there are a lot of fake “friends” who lose interest in your progress when they think you’re not getting anywhere.

For me that was super disheartening and discouraging when I started experiencing it. It felt like all I was doing for my business was no longer enough.. I didn’t even have support from my original team. After that I wanted to make sure than anyone who ever joined my team NEVER felt like that. That’s not a proper representation of the MLM I’m under so yeah that won’t fly with me.

To anyone who didn’t have a strong why, they would have quit. Thank goodness I’m not doing it for them anyways!

& last but certainly not the least,


Like seriously, enjoy the journey. Enjoy the ups and the downs because it’s all apart of your story that you get to share to impact the lives of others! No one wants to hear about Susie Jane who just took off and dominated the game from the beginning with no problems. Nah, they wanna hear about Kiera. The girl who signed up as an independent consultant THREE TIMES from the time she was 18 all the way to 23. They wanna hear how the third time she signed up she was in a better place to be able to work her business. Also how she first heard about Arbonne when she was 14 at her moms Spa party that was hosted by an Arbonne IC. That’s when she fell in love with the products. They want to hear about the lasting impression they left on her as a 14 year old girl. They want to hear how she ran into NO after NO after NO in her first year. How she went through so many personal issues that made her set her business down for a moment only to pick it back up once she was better because SELF CARE.

People want to hear the tough, unrefined, and unedited stories that blossom into life changing success.

So if you’re apart of an MLM, whether it be Arbonne, It Works, Younique, Paparazzi, Pampered Chef, Young Living, you name it! Remember these tips, stay true to you, your why, and be in the business of changing lives.

Keep grinding, stay consistent, and stay genuine!

Love you guys!

Not meant to be a plug😅 but if you’re curious about Arbonne, check out my site or shoot me a message 🌿


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