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Attract what you expect, reflect what you desire, become what you repeat, mirror what you admire.


Elevate you self belief and mindset with the power of positive self talk!


This ebook includes:

-Detailed and easy to grasp knowledge on affirmations and how to apply them to your daily mindfulness routine


-100+ divine/faith based affirmations that I have used and repeated over the past year. Through purchasing and building my first home, my family's first deployment, getting engaged, many trials, and many victories.


-Resources and next steps for you to continue your journey!


(This is a digital download that will be made available to you upon purchase)

100+ Affirmations eBook - Manifest With The Power of Self Talk

SKU: 222
  • File is in PDF format

  • This eBook was designed, written, and created by Kiera Janelle Davis of Divine Alignment LLC.

    This not to be re-sold or shared with anyone without written and verbal consent from Kiera Janelle Davis.

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