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Identify & tap into your higher self and manifest the life your Creator intended for you with my Higher Self Connection Ebook!


The term "higher self" has been floating around but with very little information on what this term means and how to achieve this divine awareness of self. That's the purpose of this ebook. To clearly define and walk you through the process of identifying and connecting with your higher self so you're able to tap in and be who you were created to be.


This ebook includes:


-Detailed, simple, and easy to grasp knowledge on the higher self 


-Journal prompts that guide you through the higher self identification process 


-Higher self connection within home life harmony


-Higher self connection within habit development


-Higher self connection within nutriton and wellness


-Morning routine creation page


-Higher self connection within routines


-Goal setting page


-Habit tracker


-Weekly check in page


-Resources and next steps for your journey and growth!


This document is also 100% fillable! You can usse it on any smart device or print it out.

Higher Self Connection eJournal

SKU: 333
  • File is in fillable PDF format

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