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Take the first step to aligning your body with your higher self with my signature fitness plan!


This plan is designed to help you:

-Tone and sculpt your full body

-Lose unhealthy weight (fat) while building muscle to scupt the best abs & glutes

-Increase your stamina and endurance

-Get stronger

-Become addicted to fitness



-Increased confidence (studies show more confident people make more money)

-Increased happiness

-Improved mental health

-Boosted self image

-Stronger + Sexier body

-The hubs won't be able to keep his hands off you 

-You're gonna need a new wardrobe 


**please read details + terms and agreements**

Personalized Fitness Plan

SKU: 9999
  • - Aligned Fitness Training Schedule

    - Perspnalized 6 Week Fitness Plan

    - Coach Ki Acute Variables eBook

    - Access to Coach Ki's New & Exclusive Facebook Community 



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