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Money Blocks - Are You Stuck In One?

Hey baddie, if you're new here - welcome to Divine Alignment!

I'm your guide, Ki - your Higher Self Mentor, specializing in guiding ADHD baddies through the transformative journey of whole self alchemy. I facilitate the exploration and integration of the true self, higher self, shadow self, ego self, and false self, fostering a profound understanding of the unique elements that compose your whole self.

What I Do:

As a Higher Self Mentor for ADHD baddies, I illuminate the path to self-discovery and empowerment. Through mentorship, programs, journals, and ebooks, I provide a holistic framework for aligning with your higher self, navigating challenges, and unlocking your full potential.

Today we're diving headfirst into a touchy topic for some... money. 💰

Let's talk about what's been holding you back, really holding you back: Your Money Blocks. 

Yes, those sneaky little thoughts about scarcity and selectivity that have been whispering in your ear, telling you to hold back from transformation. 

But guess what? 

It's time to stop letting these money blocks rule your world and start investing fearlessly in yourself.

What's a money block, Ki?

A money block is a subconscious belief, mindset, or emotional barrier that hinders an your ability or willingness to earn, save, invest, or manage money effectively. 

These blocks can be rooted in limiting beliefs, fears, or negative perceptions about money, often leading to self-sabotage or hesitancy when it comes to financial decisions or opportunities for growth.

Okay.. how do I know I have a money block?😥

These are the 5 identifiers for money blocks:

  • Constant Doubt and Hesitation: You find yourself perpetually hesitant or doubtful about investing in your growth, often questioning the value or worth of the investment, even when it aligns with your goals.

  • Fear of Spending: You feel intense anxiety or fear when it comes to spending money on personal development, despite knowing it could lead to positive changes. The thought of parting with money for self-investment causes distress.

  • Pattern of Self-Sabotage: You tend to self-sabotage potential opportunities for personal and financial growth by delaying or avoiding investing in yourself, even when you know it could propel you forward.

  • Overwhelm and Procrastination: The idea of navigating investments in your growth overwhelms you, leading to procrastination or avoidance of taking necessary steps, leaving you stuck in a cycle of inaction.

  • Financial Guilt or Shame: Investing in yourself triggers feelings of guilt or shame regarding spending money on personal development. This guilt persists despite acknowledging the potential benefits of the investment.

I'm experiencing money blocks, Ki! How do I break free??

I've got you darling.

We've all been there, caught in this mental trap that makes us hesitate, doubt, and second-guess the worth of investing in our growth.

It's a safe zone, right? 


It's a lie we've bought into. Let's call it out, not to shame or blame, but to empower.

3 Ways to Overcome Money Blocks:

  1. Mindset Reevaluation: Engage in self-reflection to identify limiting beliefs about money. Challenge these beliefs by replacing them with empowering thoughts and affirmations.

  2. Education and Guidance: Seek knowledge through financial literacy resources, mentorship, or expert advice to reshape your relationship with money and understand healthy financial practices.

  3. Elevation Session With Coach Ki: Embark on a transformational journey tailored to your goals, break through your money blocks, and unlock your financial potential with Coach Ki's Elevation Session.

What to Expect in the Elevation Session:

  • Limiting Belief Uncovering: Dive deep into identifying and uprooting subconscious beliefs hindering financial growth.

  • Energetic Cleanse: Experience a cleansing practice aimed at releasing energy blockages associated with money blocks.

  • Money Mindset Creation: Construct a positive and empowering money mindset aligned with your aspirations and financial goals.

  • Actionable Roadmap: Develop a strategic plan with actionable steps and timelines to guide your financial journey for 2024 and beyond.

Transformation that Awaits:

  • Uncover Limiting Beliefs: Dive deep into identifying and addressing subconscious beliefs around money, shedding light on hidden barriers obstructing your financial growth.

  • Energy Cleanse and Alignment:Experience a rejuvenating energetic cleanse designed to release blockages and align your energy with abundance and financial prosperity.

  • Money Mindset Reinforcement: Craft a resilient and empowering money mindset, fostering a positive relationship with wealth, abundance, and financial success.

  • Strategic Roadmap Creation: Collaborate with Coach Ki to formulate a personalized roadmap, outlining actionable steps and timelines for achieving your 2024 financial goals and beyond.

Invest in yourself today with Coach Ki's Elevation Session and step into a realm of higher self alignment, financial empowerment and abundance.

(If times available do not work for you - book your session and email to arrange a day and time that works best for you)

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Love & Light!

Coach Ki

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