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Free Yourself From Chaos At Home

Hey, my love! If it’s your first time reading, I’m Kiera but my tribe calls me Coach Ki; if you’re purposed driven and living intentionally is your desire, then you’re in the right space.

I‘m The mindset + consistency mentor and self care guide for souls seeking alignment and intentionality in all areas of life. The goal of work and content is to teach and promote spiritual, mental, and physical alignment so you’re able to identify and tap into your higher self.

What even is the higher self?

Don’t worry, I’ll explain in the most simplified manner what “higher self” means at the completion of today’s blog. Let’s dive in…

As a woman with many hats, responsibilities, hobbies, and desires, life can get pretty chaotic when you’re juggling so many things. We don’t think about routines, structure, and schedules much when we’re young adults. There’s some time management skills that are learned in order to meet college deadlines, develop more skills, or make sure you get to work on time. In most causes though, the average person isn’t as routine driven.. unfortunately.

We underestimate the importance of routines. Dr. Wendy Wood

What opened my eyes to routines and the benefit of them was joining the Army. In training, we lived and breath routine from the moment we woke up to the moment we went to sleep.

  1. We work up at the same time every day

  2. Did hygiene at the same time

  3. Said our affirmations (the soldiers creed) every morning

  4. Did PT

  5. Had meals times at the exact same time

  6. And carried out the training of the day

I joined the Army barely being able to do a proper push-up, run a 2-mile in under, and I was a regular civilian with no military training or understanding. In a matter of weeks, I was doing at least 20 push-ups with perfect form, I ran a 2 mile in under 19 minutes, and I was competent in my duties as a new soldier. What reinforced my growth was my daily routines.

It’s not enough to just hope for a happy and healthy life; it’s a combination of mindset, routines, and habits working together that will get you there. Robyn Conley Downs

With routines that you love, you create your daily flow. With your daily flow, the right mindset, and discipline you create Home Life Harmony. With HLH, consistency, and time, that’s when you begin to elevate.

Routine + aligned action = DAILY FLOW

Daily Flow + mindset + discipline = HOME LIFE HARMONY

Home Life Harmony + consistency x time = ELEVATION

You will never always be motivated, so you must learn to be disciplined. Unknown

I don’t want you to just take my word for it, I want you to experience what the right routines will do for you. So here are my 3 Steps For Creating Your Home Routine Schedule.

Take Aligned Action: To get the most out of these steps and to take action right now, grab a notebook and pen. I’m waling you through my process for creating HLH and by the end of this blog you will have drafted your Home Routine Schedule! My guidance to you is to give yourself and your family 4-6 weeks to adjust and adapt to the new schedule. When you reach 9 weeks of consistently living out your new routine it’ll feel like second nature. Changes like these don’t happen over night so take it one day at a time!

1. Determine the purpose for your home routine schedule

If there isn’t a clear and defined purpose behind what you’re doing you won’t be doing it for long. Why? You have no idea why you’re doing it, so there’s no importance. If what you’re doing is challenging, requires a lot time, and energy, you’re definitely not going to commit to it without a deep Why behind it.

If I said walk across an unstable and dangerous bridge, I’m pretty sure you’d laugh at me. If I asked you again, but instead I told you your child was stuck on the other end, you’d move mountains to get across that bridge.

What changed? The why. So approach the task of creating routines and schedules for your family the same way.

Possible Purpose Behind Creating a Home Routine Schedule

  1. More sense of control over your day

  2. Organization and productivity

  3. Better sleep for you and your family

  4. Peace and flow at home

  5. Teaching your kids time management and accountability

  6. Having more time for yourself

  7. Having more time for your spouse and family

  8. Inviting more structure into your day so you can complete important projects (business goals, fitness/wellness goals, school, certifications)

Aligned Action: Write down the purpose behind your home routine schedule. What’s your why behind inviting more structure, organization, and flow into your home?

2. Identify What New Habits Need To Be Developed

In order to be successful with new routines you’ll have to develop the habits that will help you stay consistent and committed to your new routines.

People do not decide their futures, they decided their habits and their habits decided their future. F.M. Alexander

Developing a new habit can take anywhere from 30-66 days so good news, YOU GOT TIME BOO. So please, don’t rush this process or beat yourself up after a week.. do not make me reach through this computer screen.

The not so amazing habits you may have right now have been your habits for quite some time.. maybe even years. So does it make sense to expect them to be eradicated in a matter of day or a few weeks? Yeah, no.

Give. Yourself, Grace. YOU HAVE TIME.

When I say you have time, I don’t mean put this off until next month. I mean you have time to trial and error implementing routines in your life until it becomes habitual to you.

As I’m writing this I’m entering week 2 of my family’s new routine schedule. We made an edit to it 2 DAYS AGO. I’ve also been bombing at waking up on time… guess what I tell myself every single day.

“You did your best today. Tomorrow is a new day, we can start again and be better.” Coach Ki Self Affirmations

There are some habits that I need to refine in order for my routines to flow with more ease. Even though I’m not fully there, I see so much growth in barely 2 weeks. You can do this!

Possible Habits Needed For New Routines:

  1. Waking up/Going to bed at the same time

  2. Making the bed

  3. Morning and evening hygiene

  4. Drink 80fl oz of water a day

  5. Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner

  6. Exercise consistently

  7. Hand washing consistently

  8. Intentional family time

  9. Breath work

  10. Limiting screen time

  11. Putting things back where you got it

  12. Choosing a kinder approach

  13. Practicing boundaries

  14. Cleaning up after yourself

Aligned Action: Write down the habits you would like to develop over the next 90 days. Purchase my Higher Self Connection eBook that includes a fillable habit tracker template here!

3. Draft your first home routine schedule.

The first 2 steps helped lay the foundation for your first draft. Remember why you’re doing this and take into consideration the habits you’d like to develop that will help you stay consistent.

The final thing you want to consider is your daily circadian rhythm. These are the events that occur everyday around the same time.

Examples of Daily Circadian Rhythm

  1. Wake-up

  2. Morning hygiene

  3. Morning Routine

  4. Meal Time

  5. Departure time for work

  6. Departure time for school

  7. Family Time

  8. Evening Hygiene/Bath time

  9. Bedtime

Your daily circadian rhythm is going to look the same pretty much every day of the week. For my family, there’s a slight deviation on the weekend.. the boys and Shawn like to sleep in a few hours. I’ll usually sleep in an extra hour as well. We also don’t have to work on the weekend and the boys don’t have school so there’s more flexibility of course.

When you’re creating your routine schedule, include you daily circadian rhythms and habits/practices you’d like to invite into your life. Maybe you have a goal to be more spiritually in-tune, physically fit, restore your relationship with food, or be more mindful. Consider all of your goals when you begin to map your routines and schedule out!

Take Aligned Action: Set aside some time to sit down, either by yourself or with your partner, and create your home routine schedule. You can use a blank sheet of paper, or download my Daily Planner Template (coming soon!). Once you’re done, celebrate this victory! You took the first step to creating more routine, peace, and harmony in your home!

Please share this process and victory with me on social; I want to celebrate with you! You can do this by taking a selfie during your aligned action session, share it to your story, and tag me (IG: @kiera.janelle – Tiktok @kierajanelle)!

The purpose of applying what I’ve taught you in this blog is to help you tap into your higher self.

Tap Into Your Higher Self

Your higher self is you at your truest form. The part of you that is unaffected by the opinions of others or influenced by society because it’s you in all of your authenticity, confidence, and essence. The higher self (h.s.) is free and could care less about what anyone thinks. It’s never offended because it walks boldly in it’s truth and light.

Operating at this level takes healing and growth. It also takes time for you to identify with this part of yourself.

Who are you at your highest?

Your higher self already exists within you. Accessing this part of yourself is like flipping a switch but in order to flip that switch you’ve gotta learn and explore what enables you to operate at this level. It’s an awareness.

Practices and ideas like “Freeing Yourself From Chaos At Home” will help you tap into your higher self by inviting peace, ease, and flow into your life. I’ve created an e-book to help you on you higher self connection journey so you can start showing up as your most confident and authentic self.

[DOWNLOAD HIGHER SELF Connection EBOOK for 17.77 here!]

Thank you so so much for reading!

I put so much time, love, light, and energy into this blog post just for you. I truly hope it helps you find freedom through wellness and continue to live in divine alignment.

Please take 2 seconds to share this blog every and anywhere! Text it to a friend, share on Instagram (you can post links in stories now!), share it on Facebook, literally everywhere! My goal for 2022 is to help as many souls get in alignment and live the life of happiness and wellness that God intended for them.

If you’d like to connect I’ll share my social links below!

Love & Light,

Coach Ki

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